Monday, February 16, 2015

The Razzleberry Returns from London and finds these in her mailbox...

I didn't really log in during the month, so my account wasn't getting bumped up in visibility. Still got a few keepers!

This first one actually goes all the way back to November. He started off strong but the follow-through was weak.


This last one is the crown jewel of my crop and really speaks for itself. Read it closely :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

And also...

U seem like a fun girl who is like to get to know more ! In more than one way I'd wanna lick u all over and explore every crevice hole everywhere while u tell me what I'm licking in medical terms

Posting this mostly for grammar. This could end up being a hilarious game? Although as a soon-to-be medical professional, playing doctor/nurse ranks soooooo low down on my kink radar that I'm not sure this wouldn't be a massive turn-off.

And then there was this:
I wonder if we would butt heads since im against western all about natural healing which our system despises (cuz there is no money to be made from it and it actually fixes your symptoms...unlike pills that hide it) lol

Like...dude, I've dedicated years of my life to studying medicine. Why on earth would I go out with someone who disrespects it? Christ.

This is why we can't have nice things part 2

So despite me not ever responding, this guy from a couple entries ago still keeps messaging me....


So I went on two dates with this guy. He was nice enough, but I just wasn't interested. I still would probably have said good things about him to a friend if they asked "hey, should I go on a date with this dude?" And then....

marimbadudeI know you're busy, and you're really just looking for sex. How about you come over sometime Sunday and we can fuck however you like it. *growl*

Me: Seriously, dude?

marimbadudeYour profile under looking for only says casual sex. You made it pretty clear you didn't want to see me again for another date and that you didn't have time for things like that. So I figured I'd offer the sex. At least I got your attention. ;)

Congrats, you've now made it onto my blog! Ugh.