Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Vellozeberry is back

With more gross messages for all y'all to see! All received within about a week's timespan. I'm just going to paste them in largely without commentary.

From a guy in Kansas:
you looking for a one nighter or a possible friends with benefits situation? if ur interested message me back btw ur extremely sexy, and it would be very hot to travel to come see you for a night of fun. ;p

From a 44 year old man:
Hey sexy,Why don't you take a chance and meet this "Old Fart"? I actually look nowhere close to my age & I am in really good shape.I would love to help you work out those knots in your shoulders. I am extremely good at massage.I know I have sent you a message before & you did not respond. If I don't hear back from you then I will not bother you again.Interested?

I had no idea how to respond to this: 
Send me a message or I'll come tickle your feet! Haha :P

"Juicy" is rarely a word I use for this: 
So what's the biggest juiciest dick you've ever had beautiful and how was it?;)

What she wantsWhat she getsWhat she lovesWhat's her wishHer voiceHer touchHer loveHer lipsHer eyesWhat is her wish?What is her wish?I'll take her to beautiful placesShow her my beautiful friendsWe'll co-create some beautiful spacesAnd co-create a love that never endsI'll love her like a goddess as she learns the ways of graceIn touch with her sacred feminine she can't help but to pour her heart into the roomand put a smile on every faceHer universal power used for greatness.I had a dream about you last nightIt was really sweetThere will be a sequel

Offer for all you ladies:
Hey there I'm Benjamin and I was wondering if you'd like a great free massage it's not nude you just have to wear leggings. I'm in school to be a medical massage therapist and we have to get 20 hours of massages in for part of our final grade. I understand this sounds weird and a bit creepy but honestly I know no one around here seeing how I'm new to the STL area if your interested text me or call and I'll fill you in about the massage and all 618-708-1158

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