Monday, February 11, 2013

I hope they lysol their clubhouse

Today's message sadly only exists in the archives of my gchats. I dearly wish I had a screenshot of it, but at least it's been preserved in some form:
hello there,

I think you're kinda cool. I've started a small, invitation-based club, mostly of okcupid members in and around St. Louis to get together and have fun.
Most things go from watching movies, to partying, to hanging out, to even having casual sex.

So... hit me up if you wanna hangout with us and i'll send you an invitation.
We don't discriminate among gender, race, sex(ual orientation), body type or religion, but we do vote on who to accept or reject. Almost all members are younger than 28. thanks. I'm pretty sure that by voting, you do in fact discriminate using all of those factors.

Also, "to even having casual sex."

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  1. The scariest part is, this sounds like the kind of generic response that can be and IS sent to everyone possible...ew.